• – Lisa

    “The intuitive flow of Mādhava’s massage allows the diversity of my needs to be satisfied. The well combined selection of music, essential oils and touch is an all encompassing experience.
 Her touch is continually nurturing with the ability to go directly to my areas of tension in a deep and dissolving way.  I always learn something new about my body and love the way she incorporates gentle & relieving stretches.
 Grounding, inspiring, nurturing…. transcending!! “

    – Lisa
  • – Cindy

    “I’ve received many many massages and I am particular about who works on my body and the techniques they use. I like a quiet and serene atmosphere so I can unwind. I had a great experience. 

Mādhava has extraordinary skills and she knows what she’s doing.  She does not have  a “chatty” personality and I SO appreciate that.! She did check in with me to make sure the pressure she was using was okay though. 

 Mādhava’s work space is spacious, clean and quiet. The music was soft & soothing. She has humble prices considering her obvious skill and experience. I was able to reconnect with my breath….I’m looking forward to a return visit.  Mahalo!”

    – Cindy
  • – Dan

    “I have received many massages from Madhava and each one was uniquely distinct from the other.  She’s got an intuitive sense about what issues are happening in my physical body, and gives them direct attention.  She even reveals issues that I wasn’t aware were there, and facilitates deep healing like no other therapist I’ve seen.  She also somehow seems to understand and address what issues need attention emotionally and spiritually.  I always feel renewed, refreshed, and transformed when the session is complete. She’s simply the best massage therapist I have experienced”

    – Dan